DK Series Electrothermal Constant-temperature Water Bath

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Applicable Range

The products can be applied to medical health, medical colleges, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research units, used for precision constant-temperature and auxiliary heating.


Employing the stainless steel internal bladder and top cover, it is very novel and nice.

Microcomputer based intelligent temperature controller that is able to display the preset value and measured value synchronously, meanwhile, it has functions of timing as well as over-temperature and water shortage alarm.

Built-in circulating pump, it is able to output constant-temperature water after being equipped with an external circulation interface.

Technical Parameters


Technical parameters

DK-8A DK-420 DK-600 DK-B420 DK-B600 DKB-501


Volume 26L 15L 30L 15L 30L 10L 27L
Supply voltage ~220V 50Hz
Consumed power 750W 600W 750W 750W 1000W 2000W 1100W
Temp. range 37~65℃ RT+5~100℃ RT+5~70℃
Temp. resolution 0.1℃
Temp. fluctuation ±0.5℃
Size of working chamber(mm) 450×300×190 420×240×150 600×300×170 420×240×150 600×300×170 250×200×200 300×300×300
Remark Constant-temperature water bath Three-way constant-temperature water bath Super water bath Perspective circulating water bath



Tech. parameters

DK-S12 DK-S24 DK-S26 DK-S28 DK-8D DKU-205




Volume 5L 10L 15L 20L 3×2L 12L
Supply voltage ~220V 50Hz
Consumed power 500W 1000W 1500W 2000W 750W 1000W 1500W
Temp. range RT~100℃ RT+5~200℃ RT+5~300℃
Temp. resolution 0.1
Temp. fluctuation ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃




Size of working chamber(mm) 150×300×110 300×300×110 450×300×110 600×300×110 152×126×110×3 250×250×200
Remark Single-row two-hole Double-row four-hole Double-row six-hole Double-row eight-hole Three-hole water bath Constant-temperature oil bath