FP640 Flame Photometer


  • 7 inch touch screen LCD
  • Automatic calculation of correlation coefficient
  • Flameout protection device
  • LPG burning gas
  • Direct concentration read-out
  • Pre-selection of flame sizes
  • Measuring range changing
  • Air compressor included



  FP640 FP6410 FP6430 FP6431 FP6432 FP6440 FP6450
Sensitivity K  0.01ppm
Na  0.01ppm
Li ———– ——— 0.1ppm ———– ——- 0.1ppm
Ca ———- —- ——- 2ppm ——— ——— 2ppm
Ba ———- ——– ———– ——— 6ppm
Range K 0-100ppm
Na 0-160ppm
Li ———- optional 0-100ppm ———– ———— 0-100ppm
Ca ——— ——– ———- 0-1000ppm ——– 0-1000ppm


——- ——- ——— 0-3000ppm —— 0-3000ppm
Linearity K 0.195ppm(0.39-3.12)ppm
Na  0.69ppm(1.15-9.2)ppm
Li ———- optional 0.15ppm(0.25-5)ppm —— ——– 0.15ppm(0.25-5)ppm


——— ——– 3ppm(5-100)ppm ———- 3ppm(5-100)ppm


Ba  ———-


———- ——– ——- 9ppm ——– 9ppm
Repeatability 1 % CV for 20 consecutive samples
Respond time <8s
Sample uptake <6L/min
Package G.W. 17kg   570x530x380mm 0.115M3



752N Spectrophotometer


  • Sample compartment for 5-50mm cells precise automatic T/A changeover Automatic zero and full scale adjustment
  • Direct concentration read-out and concentration factor setting function
  • Equipped with RS232 port
  • Software optional



High quality silicon photometric diode detector and 1200 lines/mm diffraction grating ensure the high quality accuracy and precision.

Backlit LCD display for an easy readout.

Automatic 0A and 100%T. Easy switching of transmittance, absorbance and concentration modes, just by pressing one key.

Direct concentration read-out and concentration factor setting function.

Large sample compartment, which can accommodate 5mm to 100mm path length cuvettes with optional holders.

Easy to change the halogen lamp or deuterium lamp by the user himself.



Models 721N 722N 752N
WL range 360-1000 nm 325-1000 nm 200-1000 nm
WL accuracy ≤2nm
WL repeatability Spectrum ≤ 1nm
bandwidth Transmittance 4nm
accuracy Transmittance ±0.5% (t) (NBS930D)
Repeatability ≤0.2% (t)
Transmittance measuring range 0-100T 0-100T 0-100T
Absorbance measuring range 0-2A 0-2A 0-2A
Stray light ≤0.15% (t)

(at 360nm, NaNO2)

≤0.1% (t)

(at 360nm, NaNO2)

≤0.3% (t)

(at 220nm, NaI )

Drift ≤0.5% (t)/3min
Signal noise 0.2T% 0.2T% 0.2T%
RS232 Including
Printer Optional Optional Optional
Cell holder 10mm
Power supply AC85-242V AC220V
G.W 14kg 14kg 30kg
Package Dimensions 640 x 480 x 340mm  0.104M3



User manual   1pc

1cm glass cuvette   4pcs (721N/722N only)

1cm quartz cuvette                  2pcs (752N only) Power cable        1pc



Thermal printer

10mm cuvette holder

50mm cuvette holder

UV WIN7 software