SF Series Clean Bench


Applicable Range

The clean bench is one of indispensable basic facilities for carrying out biotechnology research and test, it is widely applicable to medical health, pharmacy, chemical experiment, electronics, national defense, precision instrument, meter, academy and other industries, used for air cleaning.


The enclosure employs high quality cold-rolled steel sheet and electrostatic spraying. The operating bench top is made of finished stainless steel, which is corrosion proof and convenient for cleaning.

The equipment adopts air cleaning system that is composed of centrifugal blower and high/middle efficiency filter, it filters the air from the very beginning, and improves the cleanliness.

It uses the adjustable blower set, its tact switch that is able to regulate the wind speed in working area and guarantees ideal state of wind speed in working area all the time. It also is equipped with independent control illuminating lamp and ultraviolet germicidal lamp.

Vertical unidirectional flow and closed working bench effectively prevent from external gas incoming, also protect the human body from harm of the peculiar smell from operating zone.

Counterweight type movable operating door enables users to position at will according to demand, it makes the experimental operation more convenient and easy.


Technical Parameters


Tech. parameters

SF-CJ-1(Q) SF-CJ-1(A, B and Q) SF-CJ-2 SF-CJ-2(A and B)
Cleaning level Class 100 @0.5um (Federal Standard 209E)
Bacterial count ≤0.5pcs/ dish·hour
Average wind speed 0.3~0.6m/s(adjustable)
Noise ≤60dB(A)
Vibration/peak mesial magnitude ≤4um
Illumination ≥300LX
Power supply ~220V/50Hz
Max power 0.4KW 0.4KW 0.65KW 0.8KW
Weight 110Kg 110 Kg 200 Kg 200 Kg
Width of working area 820 870 1680 1360
Depth of working area 480 700 480 700
Height of working area 600 520 600 520
Outline dim. 900×700×1470 990×790×1650 1760×700×1470 1480×790×1650
Spec. & qty. of high efficiency filter 820×600×50×1 820×600×50×2 650×600×50×2
Spec. & qty. of fluorescent lamp/ultraviolet lamp 20W×1/20W×1 40W×1/40W×1 20W×2/20W×2
Remark Single-person horizontal Single-person vertical Double-person horizontal Double-person vertical
Note: A: single-side  B: double-side  1: single-person  2: double-person   Q: portable type