Sterilized Scalp Vein Sets


1.All the parts of scalp vein set are made by virgin grade medically raw material, which is sterile, pyrogen-free and atoxic
2.Tightened inspection and sterilizing make the scalp vein set safer.
3.Scalp vein set Color code:Pink, ivory, yellow, green, black, blue, purple, orange, red, grey
4.Scalp vein set Size:18g X 3/4″, 19g X 3/4″, 20g X 3/4″, 21g X 3/4″, 22g X 3/4″, 23G X 3/4″, 24G X 3/4″, 25g X 3/4″, 26g X 3/4″, 27g X 3/4″
Quality:ISO13485: 2007;CE 0123
Material:PVC/PE. Latexfree.
Stainless steel needle.
Sterilisation:Eo (ethylene oxide)
Shelf life:5 years
Packing:Individually blistered.


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