DNP Series Electrothermal Thermostatic Incubator

dnp9022a-logo DNP9022A

%e5%9f%b9%e5%85%bb%e7%ae%b1dnp-9052-1a-logo DNP90521A

Applicable Range

It is the necessary equipment for fungi storage and biology culture in scientific research industries like medical service, medicine, biology, agriculture, etc..


The microcomputer-based intelligent temperature controller is able to display the setting temperature and incubator inner temperature simultaneously, and can actuate the data storage memory function in case of power supply failure or machine hung up, after the power is switched on again, it recovers the stored data immediately. In addition, it has the protections against over temperature, sensor failure, electricity leakage and over current, as well as functions of timing and audible & visual alarming.

Double-door structure or observation window equipped in the external door is available, the internal bladder is made of finished stainless steel, and four corners are circular, taking convenience for cleaning.

The heated air circulation system consisting of imported circulating blower and heating pipe keeps the incubator inner temperature uniform.

Through an independent temperature-limit alarming system (optional), the incubator can cut off the power automatically if beyond the limiting temperature, to guarantee the safety run of experiment and prevent the accident;

Besides above functions, the upgrading LCD intelligent temperature controller adopts the latest PID fuzzy logic control, which makes temperature control more accurate. RS-485 interface may be configured, it enables the incubator to be connected to the printer or computer, to record the change of temperature parameters.

Technical Parameters

Model DNP-9012



(1、A 、E)


(1、A 、E)


(1、A 、E)


(1、A 、E)


(1、A 、E)

Volume 16L 30 L 50 L 80 L 160 L 270 L
Supply voltage ~220V  50Hz
Temp. range RT+5~65℃
Temp. resolution 0.1
Temp. fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temp. homogeneity ±0.5℃
Consumed power ≤150W ≤150W ≤250W ≤300W ≤400W ≤600W
Size of workroom(mm) 250×250×250 300×280×300 350×350×410 400×400×500 500×500×650 600×600×750
Outline size(mm) 350×350×530 400×380×580 470×440×680 520×490×770 620×590×920 720×690×1020
Shelves (normal) 2 2 2 2 3 3
Timing range 1-9999min
Remark 1: external observation window A: stainless steel internal bladder  E: LCD display



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