DHG Series Electrothermal Constant-temperature Drying Box

9101-1a-logoDHG 9101-1A

%e5%b9%b2%e7%87%a5%e7%ae%b1dhg-9140a-logoDHG 9140A

Applicable Range

Applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, control laboratories, scientific research units. etc.

Used for drying, baking, dewaxing, sterilizing, etc.



Internal and external of box body are made of high quality steel sheet by welding

The surface is electrostatic spraying treated

Internal of workroom is made of finished stainless steel or coated with high temperature resistant silver paint, the door bears observation window or is of double-door structure, Novel and elegant in appearance and has advantage of energy saving.

Microcomputer based intelligent digital display temperature controller

Accurate and reliable in temperature control, it is able to display preset temperature and the actual temperature inside the box synchronously

Alarm functions of over-temperature/heat, electric leakage and sensor failure, and timing function. (Intelligent LCD temperature controller is optional).

Adoption of low-noise fan and suitable air channel that form the hot air circulating system, the heated dry air flows through the objects directly to dry and sterilize.

The upgraded LCD temperature controller also has function of programmable temperature control, it can be equipped with RS-485 interface that is used to connect it with the recorder and computer for recording the changing conditions of temperature parameters (optional).





Tech. parameters

DHG-9030(A) DHG-9070(A) DHG-9140(A) DHG-9240(A)
Supply voltage ~220V 50Hz
Volume 30L 70L 140L 225L
Power 500W 1000W 1500W 2000W
Temp. range RT+10-250℃
Temp. resolution 0.1℃
Temp. fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temp. homogeneity ±0.5℃
Dim. of working chamber 300×300×350 350×450×450 450×550×550 500×600×750
Outline dim. 420×420×620 480×520×820 580×760×930 630×810×1130
Shelves (normal) 2 2 2 2
Timing range 1-9999min
Remark A: stainless steel internal bladder




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