DG3620 High Frequency Digital X-ray Radiography System


Key features:

1,DG3620 use the most advanced flat panel detector, it designed for surgical and interventional units, this detector is ready to run almost instantly .


2,With the Digital radiography , images collected by high-resolution imaging technology to solve the energy loss of the traditional CCD detector, and geometric distortion problem.


3,Standardized PACS system can be adapted to the needs of the new network era . With stable performance, low exposure dose, high-quality images can be easily obtained.


Digital Radiography System

Our digital radiography system is with flat panel detector, Toshiba x-ray tube. It has DICOM 3.0. PACS system is supported.


  1. U-arm Digital Radiography

High frequency x-ray generator

20kw, 125kv, 200mA

Exposure time 0.0025~6.4s

With function of self-protection

X-ray Tube

Toshiba x-ray tube

Rotating anode, focal spot 0.6/1.2mm

Anode heat capacity 140KHu

Digital flat panel detector

Trixell flat panel detector

Size 16”*17”

Spatial resolution 3.4lp/mm

Image acquisition system (DR workstation)

CPU: Intel Pentium Core

Memory 2GB, hard disk 320G

Monitor: Dell 19” monitor

Image processing: image rotating, image zooming, image processing, image printing, image transmission, e-report printing, etc.

Mechanical figures

Vertical travel 650mm—1700mm

SID range 1000—1800mm

Detector rotating range -45°~0~+45°

U-arm rotating range -30°~0~120°

Mobile bed dimension 2050*550*800mm

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details: Size:    270*180*105cm




GW: 400+100+50KG+100KG

Warranty Period One-year
Delivery Detail: Normally 10-15 working days based on receipt of the deposit by TT or L/C At Sight

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