AH174 SF-SW-1100/1300 Biological Safety Cabinet


Applicable Range

The biosafety cabinet is an indispensable basic facilities for current biological laboratory ,especially suitable for occasions where are required to take protective measures for the operators, such as providing asepsis and dust free working environment for bacterial culture for medical health, pharmacy, scientific research etc.


This product is a second grade biosafety cabinet, it protects the operator through vertical air flow

Adoption of high quality cold-rolled steel sheet and electrostatic spraying, the complete machine is elegant in design. Three walls of the operating area as well as the bench top are made of finished stainless steel, and the three walls are integrative formed, it is seamless round corner structure inside, preventing the dusty air being leaked, and it is convenient for cleaning.

It adopts international advanced air filtration technology, unique inner chamber design, negative pressure vertical circulating flow as well as air curtain design preventing internal and external crossing over.

The control system employs intelligent microcomputer control, LCD and audible & visual alarm, whole process monitored and high efficiency air feed/exhaust filter

High quality filter, the filtration effect reaches 99.99% above.

Counterweight type movable operating door enables users to position at will as required

It is equipped with illuminating lamp and ultraviolet germicidal lamp

It is equipped with special watertight socket and pollution discharge interface, which brings mach convenience to the operators.

Technical Parameters

    Model SF-SW-1100(B2,B3) SF-SW-1300(B2,B3)
Cleaning Level Class 100(Federal Standard 209E)
Bacterial Count ≤0.5pcs/dish.hour

Average wind speed

Inside the door 0.38±0.025m/s
Middle side 0.26±0.025m/s
Inside 0.27±0.025m/s
Front inlet wind speed 0.55±0.025m/s
Air tightness ≤10-6 L/S(at 500 Pa)
Noise ≤60dB(A)
Vibration/peak mesial magnitude ≤5μm
Power supply Ac single unit 220V/50Hz
Max power consumption 0.8KW
Weight 300kg
Dim.of working area 1100X600x680 1300X600x680
Outline dim.ofdevice 1200x805x2230 1500x805x2230
Spec.& qty.of air feed filter 960x520x50 1260x520x50
Spec.& qty.of air exhaust filter 668x305x90 968x305x90
Spec.&qty.of fluorescent lamp/ultraviolet lamp 30W 30W


B2  0%of air for circulation,100%of air is discharged to exhaust piping through pipeline

B3  70%of air for circulation,30%of air is discharged to exhaust piping through pipeline



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