Full-digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner CX6000C


  • 1 inch LED shows the images with more flexible ways.
  • Supernormal battery life 4-8 hours
  • Super thin body design with full-scale flexible keyboard
  • First-class digital imaging technology, more clearer image
  • Full-digital beam imaging technology
  • Real-time dynamic receiving focus point by point
  • Real-time dynamic sound velocity changed
  • High-accuracy DSC Digital image formation technology
  • Intelligentized 8-segment TGC adjustment
  • Progressive SMT components technology to ensure machine reliability


Technical Specification

Scanning mode: convex / linear

Operation panel: user-friendly, convenient and flexible with back-lit silica gel keyboard & track ball operation

Monitor: 12.1 inch high resolution color LED display

Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B

Total Gain: 0-99

Detecting depth: 0-240mm

Dynamic range: 0-120dB

Filtering: 1-7

Blind Zone: ≤3mm

Resolution: lateral≤2mm, axial≤1mm

Geometry precision: lateral≤5%, axial≤5%

Gray scale: 256

Focus: 4 focuses combination randomly

USB port: storable and readable

Image storage: 127

Local zoom can be used at real time.

Body marks: 65

Pseudo color: 16

Magnification: ×0.8, ×1.0, ×1.20, ×1.50, ×1.80, ×2.0 (6 kinds)

Cine loop: 256 frames, realized in automatic successive playback and manual single step forward, backward playback

Image processing: up/ down, left / right, black / white conversion, gamma correction, frame correlation, pseudo color processor( need external color display).

Measurement: distance, perimeter, area, volume, HR, BPD, CRL, GS, FL, HC, AC, etc.

Note: date, time, name, sex, age, doctor, hospital, comment, language conversion.

Output interface: PAL-D, SVGA (SVGA color monitor), USB port .

With the puncture guiding function, line position can be adjusted, with gravel positioning, dynamic target area tracking function

Main power supply: AC220V±22V, 50/60Hz



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