Multi-purpose Operating Table, head controlled (3008B, 3008B-I, 3008C, 3008A, 3008AB)

1. Main specification:
1.1 Tabletop dimension:
Overall length:2040mm width:480 mm
1.2 Adjustable height range:740~940mm Adujst:≥200mm ,Can be up-down, fix freely

2、Technical parameter:
Reversed Trendelenburg: ≥50° Trendelenburg: ≥30°
Lateral tilt:≥20°
Head Section Up: ≥45° Down: ≥90°
Back Section Up:≥80° Down: ≥8°
Leg Section Down:≥90°
Kidney section rise: ≥120mm
Foot Section and leg section are on the same horizontal line or on the vertical plane.