Electric Operating Table (Model JHDS-99C, JHDS-99C-1)

Electric Operating Table (Model JHDS-99C, JHDS-99C-1)

1. Main Specification:

Tabletop dimension:
Overall length:2040mm width :500 mm
Tabletop height:
Min Height:580 mm Max Height:930mm Adujst:≥350mm

2. Technical parameter:
Reversed Trendelenburg:≥20° Trendelenburg:≥15°
Lateral tilt:≥15°
Head Section Up:≥45°、Down:≥90°
Back Section Up:≥85°、Down:≥55°
Leg Section Down:≥90°
Leg section opened:≥90°
Kidney section rise:≥125mm
Backward and Forward Movements:≥300mm
Horizonal ratation of tabletop:≥180°
*Electric hydraulic pump and electromagnetic valve are import parts


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